“A Smooth Operator.”

Ernest and Alen are always there when I needed help to address tricky deployment issues in our display solutions.

— B.S.

“I can’t wait until next Installation!”

Bleu Sea offerred very structured and dependable installation processes to help me cope with the tight installation schedule.

— T.L.

“Everything we wanted and more.”

Bleu Sea is very different from other security companies. They have the full range of security solutions for me and what's more, they even know my IT issues, Fantastic!

— J.N.

“Reliable and always there.”

We had a sticky problem during the implementation stage due to our aging infrastructure. Bleu Sea is always there to lend us a helping hand to get our projects completed on time.

— T.H.K.


“Stellar, professional service.”

We have been a long term customer with Bleu Sea. They have a professional team to take up any security related tasks and is willing to take the extra miles to help troubleshoot problems, which may not be related to their problems.

— MR. LIM.

“4 thumbs way up from me!”

Always insightful advice, always frank and right to the point. An honest party to work with.

— S.P.

Loved by Retailers Island-wide and Others too...