Bleu Sea Marketing Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company with extensive experience in the Anti-Theft Industry and RFID Automation. We distribute and provide a variety of Display Security Systems and RFID solutions to protect your high theft merchandises. Our objective is to help you increase sales through effective and secured display systems by safeguarding your profits against shop-lifting.
Bleu Sea Marketing is a trusted name that truly understood our customers' needs and we pride ourselves in our level of customer service by providing demo display management measures that is unrivaled, reliable and best suited to your environment.
We are also conversant with Information Technology and Business Applications to assist you in various aspects of your business processes and infrastructure needs.

Anti-Theft Display

Our Anti-theft display products are crafted and aligned to provide maximum interactive experience in look, feel and play. This allows for sensory play and the feeling of ownership without loosing sight of your gadgets of various shapes, sizes and platforms.


We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor Analogue, AHD, IP and WIFI CCTV systems to meet both home office, corporate setup and industrial needs. From Camera to recording, Wired or WIFI connectivity and Mobile Apps, our seamless services is always there to meet your security needs and budget.


Electronic Article Surveillance is your answer to retail loss prevention. In addition, it is also features packed with remote connectivity for store performance analytic and advertising space for added income. There are various types of AM and FM models to suit your needs.

Door Access

Door Access Systems go beyond just access management and security control. It doubles up as your staff attendance system and let you analyze your staff movements. We have the complete solutions in Card Access, Fingerprint and Face recognition systems to meet your budget and operational needs.

RFID Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification uses radio waves to extract stored information from various labels and tags.
Popular in Asset Tracking, EAS Security, Unmanned Check-out and Inventory Management applications, just to name a few here.

IT Support

We offer various essential IT hardware and software to support our security systems and automation. We are also a TRENDnet WIFI Specialist and aimed to provide one stop IT solution to address all your needs in systems implementation.