Radio Frequency Identification uses radio waves to extract stored information from various labels and tags. It goes up to 80m in radius to read the labels and need not be within direct line of sight. It is popular in Asset Tracking and Inventory Management applications.
We understand the painstaking process in gathering accurate inventory records at your retail stores and warehouses. Not forgetting the need to monitor and track the whereabouts of your valuable assets too. Wanted to track your students' movement in the school premises for security and control reasons? What about losing hair over your missing trolley? At Bleu Sea, we have the solution to alleviate your nightmares via our range of RFID products and software.

Industrial Class RFID Printer

We provide industrial class RFID Printers of various brands, which precisely read and write to UHF RFID labels. Our printers have have one of the smallest inlay space of 12mm in the market and readily support on various types of paper and anti-metal labels. Finding the most optimized writing position is just one push button away.
We also supply consumables such UHF RFID labels, Active RFID Tags and ribbons.

Active RFID Fixed Reader

We have both Linear Directional and Omini Directional RFID Fixed readers that operate at ISM 2.4Ghz to serve various environmental conditions, be it indoor or outdoor.
With an identify range of 80m radius, you can assured that this technology will find its place in various operations needing precise and long range tracking and monitoring.

UHF Handheld RFID Reader

We market industrial leading UHF RFID handheld scanners that are linear directional or circular polarization capable.  We believe in offering affordable handheld RFID solution with high CP value.
Our readers are feature packed and readily serve your need in Asset Tracking and various operational requirements.