Door Access Systems go beyond just access management and security control. It doubles up as your staff attendance system and let you analyze your staff movements.
We supply and install various door access systems, be it a simple card access system or Biometric fingerprint to face recognition, there is always a solution to fit your needs and budget. Together with our sister company, Alliance Netcom & Electrical Pte Ltd, we provide an one-stop installation solution to your door access and security requirement.

Fingerprint Access

Our hot selling 3-in-1 fingerprint recognition system supports high fingerprint volume, magnetic cards and pass code to regulate access.
In addition, all access control systems are equipped with time attendance software and work in multiple door access environment.


Face Recognition

In our range of face recognition access control and attendance systems, Ultra clear, infrared and multiple camera are used to effectively recognize faces. In addition, international and leading biological recognition mechanism is incorporated to provide high sensitivity read of fingerprint. WIFI connection is also supported. Our high end recognition devices are made of industrial grade material to give the professional touch and feel.

Card Access

For a simple access control system using magnetic cards and number pad, we provide one stop installation solution, including the electromagnetic lock, push buttons, door bell, alarm, emergency release and etc.