We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor Analogue, AHD, IP and WIFI CCTV systems to meet both home office, corporate setup and industrial needs. From Camera to recording, Wired or WIFI connectivity and Mobile Apps, our seamless services is always there to meet your security requirements.
We believed in providing value for money CCTV system that are similar to big brands in term of features and quality but with an affordable price tag. Be it Analogue, AHD, IP or WIFI camera, there is always a solution to fit your budget and security needs.

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We have a wide range of white labeled camera types and models to suit various industrial and home environment. All our camera have gone through rigorous QC processes from assembly to aging stages.



We are always innovative in new products development. With XVR technology, you now have a choice to mix camera of various technical specifications to a recorder, be it Analogue, AHD, CVI, TVI, CVBS or even IP. It is 5 in one.
Limited by your network infrasturcture? We offer you a choice of a WIFI CCTV system too.



Security camera need not be boring in look, hence we also market trendy and stylish camera to satisfy your fashion senses without compromising performance and reliability. The 360° Bulb Fisheye Camera is your smart camera that monitors your premises when away from home or office. It comes complete with Mobile Apps and other great features such as two ways audio, which allows you to communicate with someone via the camera, triggering an alarm when needed and connect readily with your home and office WIFI