At Bleu Sea, we understand the importance of IT skill and know-how in supporting a wide range of our products and services. Our field support personnel are equipped and trained with IT know-hows apart from the product knowledge in Retail security devices. This makes us unique and special as a Security Specialist in our own field.

WIFI and Network

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We are a TRENDnet Authorized WIFI Specialist. We are also capable to install LAN, WAN, WIFI or Fiber networks of other major brand/models. There is no office and building network that is too small nor too large for us to undertake.


Environmental Monitoring

We provide various solutions in monitoring your critical environmental conditions such as temperature/humidity threshold, water leakage, power trip, FM and gases discharge and door intrusions. Our systems are configurable and include alerts and notifications via email, SMS, voice dialer and other network protocols, such as SNMP.

Asset Management

Automation is often incomplete without the suitable software to drive an IT solution. We specialized in RFID business application to give you an edge in advance Inventory control and management as well as Asset monitoring and tracking.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Our UPS solution is designed by using industrial leading and trusted brands to provide reliable emergency power supply in the event of power disruptions. Together with our sister company, Alliance Netcom & Electrical Pte Ltd, we are able to cater an one stop solution to your power needs in Data Centre construction and office renovation.


VOIP Telephony

VOIP technology allows the use of internet powered telecommunications by creating an office phone network to ease your phone bills and yet with high quality voice and privacy. Beside Panasonic, we also have a host of other IP telephony solutions.

Storage & Server

We understand the importance in safeguarding critical business data with reliable storage infrastructure. Be it NAS and Storage Server, demanding workloads or SME setup, we will have a solution for you. We also perform procurement services for all essential IT hardware and utility software.